Experience the taste of tradition and the warmth of community with Root Beer Club

Slowing down & enjoying time together means more snuggles, more fires in the backyard, more paddle boarding out on the lake and soaking in every second. Our mission is to bring these moments to life, to help others appreciate and create these small moments in life.

Make the ordinary, extraordinary

Our mission is to inspire a 'Hygge' way of life through the shared enjoyment of experiencing life together. We believe that in the simplicity of a bottle of root beer lies the opportunity to slow down, savor each moment, and connect deeply with our loved ones. Our curated collections serve not just as beverages, but as catalysts for conversation, contentment, and the creation of cherished memories. We are dedicated to providing a platform that fosters togetherness and celebrates the cozy comfort of life's simple pleasures, one bottle at a time. Embrace the Hygge lifestyle with Root Beer Club, where every sip is a reminder to appreciate the joy in the everyday.

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hygge: The Danish concept of coziness and contentment, finding joy in simple pleasures and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere

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We're always on the lookout for new ways to experience life and root beer.



We want to spread the joy of togetherness and help others discover the magic.



Root beer Club is a place to connect with others who share your love of this classic beverage.



We help people create cozy, comfortable experiences that bring people together.

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