100+ craft root beer brands delivered to your door

Wrap your fingers around a frosty, hand-crafted root beer

The cool glass slick with condensation. As you bring it closer, the nostalgic scent of sassafras and vanilla wafts up to meet you. You tilt the mug, and the thick, creamy foam meets your lips, followed by a cascade of artfully brewed root beer. The effervescent bubbles prickle your tongue as the complex symphony of flavors unfolds - bold, spicy, and subtly sweet. With each swallow, you're reminded of the careful craftsmanship that's gone into every bottle. This isn't just a beverage, it's an experience; a sensory journey that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

The perfect gift for the root beer fan in your life

Give a unique gift they'll never forget.. along with the gift of quality time sharing a cold one together. Prepaid packages ensure your root beer enthusiast will be reminded of your love month after month.

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Variety Pack

Our Variety Pack subscription curates 12 unique, handpicked bottles and delivers them to you each month.


Cream Soda Pack

12 bottles from a single microbrewery, complete with the captivating story of the root beer in each box


You've been putting off that camping trip with your friends and the vacation with your kids for too long.

What's the Root Beer Club?

Monthly curated Root Beer crates

Over 100+ unique flavors you won't find in your grocery store

Community built around drinking together

Root Beer or Sarsaparilla made with cane sugar

Tasting notes and origin stories included

Packaging designed to protect your bottles and the environment

Shop 3, 6, and 12 month flavor adventures and Save big.